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Cheats & Glitches
This includes the following.
-Battlefield Immortality
-Battlefield Both Sides Get Mystery Box
-Flying Glitch

Available Quests
QUEST: SLAY THE BEAR! This quest requires 0 QR. You must be willing to kill a monster multiple times. Quest Expires on 7/1/2012.
QUEST: Scavenge the Land! This quest requires 0 QR. You don't have to know the Witchme world too easily to do this quest. Quest Expires on 7/1/2012.
QUEST: Have a robot head? A beginners quest in which you just need an item. Quest Expires: Never.
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 Sacavenger Hunt Game~

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PostSubject: Sacavenger Hunt Game~   Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:24 pm

Hey guys.
It's the weekend, and I'm bored out of my mind, so I decided
to make a game! Here is what the game is about:

I went around WitchMe and I took small screenshots of certain
places, YOUR JOB is to find out:
-the name of that place
-a minimal description of what you do there and
how you spend your time there with friends.
-screenshot of you at that place

-In order to participate, you obviously have to
log into WitchMe to find out, correct?
-No cheating. If I find out you are sharing
answers, you'll have 0% chances of winning.
- All answers must be PMED
(private messaged) to me, alright?
- Not allowed to change answers when you submit, those
are FINAL.
- Have fun, I'm serious.
- All answers must make sense. Don't give me lame answers.
- Read ALL the rules, if you post a picture regarding the contest on this topic,
I'll get a mod to lock it, okay?
- This game is NOT mandatory, you do it out of
your own free will.
- Deadline: January 27th, 2012. Because I know
everyone is busy lately.
-No bribes, like I'll be your BFF or something. No.
You won't be in the game anymore if you do that.
- Also in your contest entry, post a elephant somewhere so I'll know
you read the rules, if you didn't you'll have a slighter chance of
not winning, k?
WITH THE OBJECT/THING I took of including a:
-name of that place
-what you do there
-how you spend time with friends there.

Requirements in your entry:
-screenshot of you at that place.
-name of that place
-what you do there
-how you spend time there with friends
can be a memory what you would do there with friends.

There will be 3 winners, and since I'm in a generous mood lately,
I will be giving out diamonds because you may need them.
1st Place will receive: 200 diamonds
2nd Place will receive: 150 diamonds
3rd Place will receive: 100 diamonds
Diamonds will not be given ASAP due to the fact
you'll be given them when I send Karen the amount
to the donation station so don't be all whiny about it.

Pictures of the places:












Oh, and I'm wondering if this game is okay with the mods?
I just hope I'm not violating anything ^ ^;
Most specificly, is this game okay with you Karen?
I'll need to donate a large amount and I think
she might be against it unless there's a reason, which is this game.

-Keeping the forum active
-Donating to those who need it
-Encouraging users to go on WitchMe more?
-Thinking of quality memories to include in your PM.

I'll add more laterrr... pig
Any questions can be answered by me at chatbox or pms.
Both are fine.

If I don't get more than 5 entries, I'll end the sacavenger hunt.
I also apoligize for the inconvience of the small pictures and
if you were talking to me today on WitchMe and I didn't reply,
sorry about that!
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PostSubject: Re: Sacavenger Hunt Game~   Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:34 pm

Nobody wants to try? D:
I'll consider raising the diamonds if at least a couple people join.
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PostSubject: Re: Sacavenger Hunt Game~   Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:58 pm

^Please don't double-post. Thanks. :]

I like this game. I'll sticky the topic until the deadline, so you'll have lots of entries! :3
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PostSubject: Re: Sacavenger Hunt Game~   

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Sacavenger Hunt Game~
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