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Cheats & Glitches
This includes the following.
-Battlefield Immortality
-Battlefield Both Sides Get Mystery Box
-Flying Glitch

Available Quests
QUEST: SLAY THE BEAR! This quest requires 0 QR. You must be willing to kill a monster multiple times. Quest Expires on 7/1/2012.
QUEST: Scavenge the Land! This quest requires 0 QR. You don't have to know the Witchme world too easily to do this quest. Quest Expires on 7/1/2012.
QUEST: Have a robot head? A beginners quest in which you just need an item. Quest Expires: Never.
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PostSubject: yay!!!   Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:45 pm

Hey! School is over on monday! Time for friends, boys, romance and a get away. Yep! Im going to camp with my whole 8th grade system in the school. Just us and 4 teenage chaperones. My friends and i are planning to have fun till september 12th 3 days before school opens. No parents or sibblings. I been reading articles on our trip and theres pretty romantic spots. I am ready to have my first kiss. Yes! Ok to personal i know but all of us girls have crushes. One of them is Jake. Hes from Texas. Eh erm. Theres many swimming places and hiking trails. At school today we got our cabin assigned. I share a room with my bff and my 2 enemies. But we got a spot next to love waterfalls. I cant wait. I been taking lip excersizes running and gym, it will be the best summer.
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